One of the most competitive markets online is the HVAC market. In each local area you have 100s of HVAC and AC repair type companies competing online. Many of them are fighting against giant lead generation companies. There are more ways than 1 to drive in leads for your hvac business. The first thing to consider is a strong website designed to convert traffic into leads. Making it super simple for someone to pick up the phone and call you is paramount. Making it super simple for someone to schedule an appointment can be the difference between getting that $5,000 ac replacement job and your competitor getting it. Here is a good example of an ac repair company doing it right with their design:

Here are some guerrilla marketing tactics that can be implemented in expensively:

1) Bandit signs inside of aging neighborhoods. You know that neighborhood in your area, where homes are between 15-25 years old as the development may have been done in the 90’s. Well, those AC units usually only last about 20-25 years. There is a chance that entire neighboorhood is about to need a new unit. Placing bandit signs near the entrance of the neighboorhood, letting them know who the local ac expert is to call can increase leads.

2) Flyers. Using the same scenario as the bandit sign, you could drop flyers in mailboxes or door to door. You could position your self as the neighborhood go to guy! And even better if you have any customers from that neighborhood, you can highlight that their neighbors use them!

Check out this video below for more information: